Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thursday April 23

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How can you not have a wopnderful day when you get to see this little bug first thing.?
Our friends in SanDiego have their gransdon living with them - Leslie and Steve, I am so envious that you get this joy daily. I am sure there are days when little Caleb does not have his 'happy face" on first thing - but I am telling you - I would quit my job if I won the lottery to see this little guy every morning...I am not sure if my husband could be able to stand it - but little people just keep me young at heart.
Grandma loves you Patrick, very much.......

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  1. i cant believe how adorable he is! so serious first thing in the morning :) LOL i know my parents adore seeing caleb every day... but i also know they enjoy their "days off" as well :)

    im glad you get to see patrick as often as you do - could you imagine if he lived out here in CA? yikes!